Provide opportunities to feed people in a better way.

VHH’s mission is to provide opportunities to feed people in a better way. The better way can be different for everyone, but ultimately people using VHHydroponics’ food systems to grow “Live Fresh,” food creates good jobs, with less food waste, less land, less soil erosion, less groundwater contamination, and zero pesticides, that is nutrient dense with better flavor and taste. It’s a better way to grow 365 days a year;pick it today and eat it today. #LIVEFRESH #EATTODAY

16 Years

years of experience the founder has in the professional horticulture industry

365 Days

Per year our systems can grow Live, Fresh, Leafy Greens and Herbs


Family Farms in Alaska whose owners over 65 years old


Farmers who own farms under the age of 35. To do: Grow some farmers

The Seed Planter

Cameron Willingham Built a team committed to helping solve some of the hardest food security problems in the world. We are applying advanced vertical farming techniques in some remote locations on earth, seeking out the places where the need is greatest, and finding joy in serving those communities.

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

Good Food, Great Music, Clean Water, Education, And Intelligent Use Of Energy Are The Opportunities I’m Committed To Helping With, I Find Local Food Growing To Be One Of Those Rare Spaces That Address All Five.

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

What We Offer

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics
Sunny Pro XL

One-of-a-kind furniture grade cabinet-growing system

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics
Container Growing System (CGS)

Container growing system designed for daily production in the harshest of climates

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics
Farm Kitchen

DEC-certifiable kitchen to support food processing directly from CGS

Who We Serve

How It Works

Find Your Why

People with purpose have done many great things. When you know your why you are more likely to persevere in the face of challenges and setbacks. It will help you to make better decisions, because you are able to align your actions with your values and priorities. Your why may even inspire others.

Discover Possibilities

Our clients tell us often the best part of discovery is learning about all the things you don’t know but have a list and a plan to be able to get it figured out. Contact us to discover the possibilities of the known and unknown.

Make Your Plan

“Have a plan or plan to fail.” VHH is committed to supporting you in having that plan, from site preparation, what to grow, and who you will support with your “live fresh” greens. Your plan will not only help you, but also all the people around you who want to be part of your process.

Build Your Farm

Being prepared for the build is just as important as the build itself. From preparing the site, your team, and the community to having your launch we are here to make the journey.

Reserve Your System

We are taking reservations for the 2023 build season to secure your place in production. Upon placing your 10% refundable deposit you will be placed in queue for our upcoming season. Your enrollment allows us to provide additional support for your planning and funding needs.

Grow The "Live Fresh" Food

And now you are a farmer. The learning will only continue as you grow not just nutrient filled leafy greens and herb, but you also will grow one or more of the following your purpose, family, community, business, and certainty around your food.

Providing opportunities to feed people in a better way

Grow it Today. Pick it Today. Eat it Today.

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