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Who We Are


VH Hydroponics provides customized vertical farming solutions to grow fresh, local produce year-round.  Our goal is to offer scalable options for individuals, businesses and community organizations seeking food security and increased resilience.

Since 2014, our turn-key hydroponic farms are designed to grow herbs and greens anytime, anywhere.



Leafy greens can travel thousands of miles to reach your table and in many communities, this journey can take weeks. We started VH Hydroponics to address this issue and increase everyone's access to fresh, healthy food regardless of climate or location.

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We Build Partnerships Focused on Food and Community


With extensive general agricultural and vertical farming experience, VH Hydroponics provides ongoing technical expertise for expert farmers as well as those just getting started.


Aleutian Greens Hydroponic Produce Harvest 2017
Containerized Growing System (CGS) - access to locally grown hydroponic produce - by Vertical Harvest Hydroponic

VH Hydroponics partners closely with clients to help them achieve their food production goals. Customer comments, ideas and questions are highly valued and help make VH Hydroponic better at our job, growing food. We support an active, open-minded community of do-ers, thinkers and growers.

Vertical Hydroponics display at Anchorage Museum.

The Team

Cameron Willingham, a research technician for UAF's School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, helps keep the research garden looking great during its late-summer glory.

Cameron Willingham

Founder and CEO
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Kyle Antioquia

Operations Manager
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Jacqueline Summers

Community + Outreach + Operations
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