Butterhead Lettuce - We are in stores! - Vertical Harvest Hydroponics
For sale at Carrs

Butter lettuce at Carrs/Safeway

As of this week, you can purchase our hydroponically grown butter (bib) lettuce at Carrs/Safeway on Huffman Road or at Bell’s Nursery – just in time to satisfy all those summer time cravings for fresh, local produce.

Bib Lettuce Ideas


  • The giant leaves of butter lettuce are a perfect addition to your beef, chicken or salmon burger. No hard to chew leaf vines – just smooth texture  and delicious taste.


  • These wide leaves are also ideal for a wrap. Just take sautéed veggies, caramelized onions,  and add some lime drizzled shrimp. For an extra health kick, garnish with garlic, mango and sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Choices are endless.


  • Want to impress your guests? How about a classic caesar using butter lettuce? Or perhaps something even more quick and simple: combine butter lettuce with a choice of other greens, add onion, pear, cranberries, crumbled feta or blue cheese and serve with a ginger vinaigrette. Sprinkle a generous amount of chia seeds for an antioxidant powerhouse.



Have you tried our lettuce yet? How does it taste?