The New Face Of Hydroponics

Evolution? Maybe. Behavior change – definitely. I have to say that there are lots of new faces in hydroponics these days and they are addressing an emerging and growing new demand – that is delicious and locally grown produce. The latest issue of Produce Business, an agricultural trade magazine, addresses the shifting behavior of consumers towards […]

Hydroponics in Alaska – Growing Over 30 Cultivars Of Leafy Greens and Herbs

Development of agriculture has allowed the human race to survive, thrive and build cities, and farming is still a profession that occupies a large part of the world. Since the earliest of civilizations, agriculture has undergone significant improvements. In comparison to cultivating our own food and livestock, modern agriculture has given us higher yields and […]

Growing Red Leaf Lettuce Hydroponically

Red Leaf is here. Since our very first produce bounty in mid May, we’ve been harvesting lettuce every week.  It has been very exciting and gratifying to see the crops grow so well in the Gen. II CGS. While we’ve been mostly growing Butter Lettuce (bib lettuce), a few weeks back we planted a Red Leaf […]

How and where to find our lettuce

Just like a treasure hunt, find this label in stores and you’ll get rewarded with soft and juicy butter lettuce, hydroponically grown by your team at Vertical  Harvest.   Non-GMO and pesticide free, we take care to select the best varieties and produce the freshest leafy greens. When you eat this lettuce, you have a piece of mind knowing that it […]

Butterhead Lettuce – We are in stores!

As of this week, you can purchase our hydroponically grown butter (bib) lettuce at Carrs/Safeway on Huffman Road or at Bell’s Nursery – just in time to satisfy all those summer time cravings for fresh, local produce. Bib Lettuce Ideas   The giant leaves of butter lettuce are a perfect addition to your beef, chicken or […]