CGS - Container Growing System

The Container Growing System, launched in 2014, is a specifically designed hydroponic growing system where all aspects of the growing cycle can be controlled in the harshest of environments. The fully contained system can achieve maximum yields: seedlings spend two weeks in a starting tray, four weeks in a finishing tray, are staged for harvest in 7-day increments, and produce a total of 450 plants each week.

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics


Robust 40' Fully Contained and Insulated Unit

Adaptable and Scalable

Centrally Control System

Easy Cleaning

Low Maintenance and Energy Efficient

OSHA Compliant

Commercial Overhead Door Seals



1,800 Plant Spaces


450 pieces/ week, 1,800 pieces/ month

Cost / day

$8/day, $240/month (includes power) *

Monthly Labor (40 hrs)

$22.50 x 40 = $900

Total Monthly Cost to Operate


Product Unit Price

$.63 - $1.84 depending on funding and service agreement

CGS System Cost

$150,000 + Shipping and Installation

Annual Service Agreement



Did You know

16 Years

years of experience the founder has in the professional horticulture industry

365 Days

Per year our systems can grow Live, Fresh, Leafy Greens and Herbs


Family Farms in Alaska whose owners over 65 years old


Farmers who own farms under the age of 35. To do: Grow some farmers

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