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Living and growing fresh greens in the Arctic climate or any climate with water shortages or supply chain challenges requires a focus on systems innovation that must be robust, easy to maintain, and well thought out; one missed step can cost the customer a whole growth cycle. One of the common challenges is where and how to harvest and clean your crop. VH Hydroponics has developed The CGS Farm Kitchen. This insulated 40-foot DEC-certifiable kitchen attaches to the end of your CGS Grow System. It can service 1 to 4 units through commercial overhead sealing doors that prevent weather and water from penetrating the modular facility. The DEC-approved system allows growers to harvest, wash, and produce value-added products, significantly increasing profit margins. Professional stainless-steel surfaces, water heaters, and commercial-grade urethane flooring are all standard features. Growers can add refrigeration, produce washers, and other food production equipment.

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics


Insulated 40' Container

DEC-Approved Space

Space for Growers to Harvest

Commercial Overhead Door Seals

Wash and Package Produce

Add Multiple CGS Units

Allows You To Scale Your Farm


Standard Items

Professional Stainless Steel Surfaces

Water Heater

Commercial-Grade Urethane Flooring

Farm Kitchen System Cost

$90,000 + Shipping

Optional Items


Produce Washers

Other Food Production Equipment


Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

VHH container grown greens for sale

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