Gift of Growing

The gift of growing program at VH hydroponics was built with the idea that we want to engage children in the classroom to understand where food comes from and how important food is. Our systems grow leafy greens and herbs using hydroponics technology for food production, currently their leafy greens are traveling 3,000 miles and by the time they get to our families’ tables they are lacking flavor and nutrition. The Sunny Pro XL is a furniture grade system that will help give schools’ an opportunity to have a fundraising mechanism to help the gift keep giving.

Children will be able to watch plants grow and learn how their actions make it that happen, from planting, to feeding, to harvesting. For many years family farms have held communities together, we would like to support getting kids back to that. Reinforcing the pride in ownership of not only the greens but the process.

Each Sunny Pro XL a 5-year service agreement that annually provides all seeds and supplies, in depth training if a new teacher takes over the system. Supporting teachers to teach through your gift can help bring lessons alive: math, science, responsibility, nutrition, and entrepreneurship. This may be the first time some students have had to taste and smell nutrient filled greens. The schools can either give the food away or choose to sell it through their PTA. We estimate that a school would be able to generate between $300 and $600 a month through the sales of leafy greens and herbs to parents. The system stays in the school and provides in perpetuity both through the food and fundraising.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is about the size of two residential refrigerators side-by-side, so it will fit easily in a classroom or other secure place within the school where it won’t be tampered with.

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We will use the information you provide to reach out to your student’s school. Most schools will already be aware of the program. We will connect you with the school so that you can provide your tax-deductible gift. If a school does not want to participate, we will reach out to discuss your investment options.

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Ultimately that will be decided with your student’s teacher to maximize the impact on students. A school may opt to have multiple systems within the school.

You can give any amount to any school. Once you determine the gift amount, you can decide how to disburse the money. All donations are tax-deductible through the school.

This is the first year of our program, and we are committed to having extensive support for our schools. Our goal is to get a system in each pre-K and elementary school. We will be branching out in the following year when we are confident that we will be able to support fully support schools and systems outside of Alaska. We anticipate rolling out the program in 2024.

Systems will be up and running for the first day of school in 2023.

  • Grow 365 days a year
  • No Pesticides
  • 95% less water
  • More nutritious
  • Reduction of the 40% waste of food due to shipping

The Sunny Pro XL costs $19,990, and this includes a five-year service agreement that provides the following:

  • All supplies for the five years
  • Succession planning if a school’s system champion is no longer with the school
  • Curriculum support if teachers would like to access it
  • Troubleshooting and service 1st year 100% warranty, years 2-5 parts and travel at cost with all labor included
  • Monitoring to ensure optimal production

There is no minimum to contribute, all investments are welcome, and we encourage schools to engage with elders.

If you know other grandparents or students’ loved ones we would love to invest in the Gift of Growing to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to feed people in a better way. We would love to talk to them.