How and where to find our lettuce - Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

VHH Letuce at Bells NurseryJust like a treasure hunt, find this label in stores and you’ll get rewarded with soft and juicy butter lettuce, hydroponically grown by your team at Vertical  Harvest.


Non-GMO and pesticide free, we take care to select the best varieties and produce the freshest leafy greens. When you eat this lettuce, you have a piece of mind knowing that it was picked just a few hours or few days ago at most, right here in Anchorage. It takes us about an hour to harvest and package the lettuce, which means that it can be on your dinner table the same day! The fresher the produce, the more nutrients it retains, the more profound are the health benefits.


Where to shop: Carrs in Anchorage (Huffman or Aurora) and Bell’s Nursery on Specking Road. While you are at Bell’s, you can get your hands on a fresh harvest of vine ripened tomatoes and cucumbers and send your daily veggies recommendation into overdrive.


To your health,

The farmers at VHH