Introducing: The Sunny Pro XL - Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

You asked. We listened.

Based on customer feedback, VH Hydroponics has updated the Sunny Pro to the Sunny Pro XL. This new system allows vertical farmers to adjust and customize their growing capacity to flexibly use existing building space. This hydroponic system allows users to cautiously dive into hydroponic growing while allowing them to add units later as their needs, comfort, or experience grows.

VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet

What’s New?

The biggest change to the Sunny Pro system is the patent-pending roll out cart featuring food-grade trays and custom plant caps with adjustable-rate fans and pumps. The grow rack cart easily uncouples from the grow cabinet. This makes planting, farming, harvesting, and clean-up easy and efficient. Bending and squeezing into cramped spaces to plant, maintain, and harvest plants can be awkward and tiring but the new Sunny Pro XL system has eliminated these issues.

VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet

Greens grown in the Sunny Pro XL are easy to cultivate thanks to the slide out design.

The Details

The main water tank on the Sunny Pro XL holds 32 US gallons. The unit plugs into a standard 120V power outlet and costs an average of $0.78 per day to operate. One Sunny Pro XL system has space to grow about 25 – 35 plants per week and can be easily scaled to grow less if necessary. The cabinet is built using high-quality furniture grade wood and features food-grade materials inside.

All of the products are sourced from U.S. manufacturers and the assembly is done right here in Alaska.

VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet

The Sunny Pro XL cabinet fits neatly into the corner of an office or business space.

Learn More…

The new Sunny Pro XL is perfect for a village food program, commercial kitchen, or business interested in starting small and possibly expanding hydroponic growing for future needs. Contact us today at [email protected] to chat with a member of our team about pricing and availability.

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VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet