Project Spotlight: Suupet Neregkwarkluki in Kodiak - Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

Suupet Neregkwarluki means “We are feeding our people” in the Alutiiq language.

VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet

VHH customers pull and prepare greens grown in the Sunny Pro XL cabinet.

Solving a Problem

Historically, getting “fresh” produce on Kodiak Island has been difficult and expensive because is has been delivered by plane or boat. Combine this with a constantly changing ferry schedule and disrupted delivery services and you understand why it makes sense to be more self-sufficient.

The Suupet Neregkwarluki project was developed to make fresh and healthy food available to elders, tribal members, and the general public. The hydroponic growing units installed by VHH will be able to provide a reliable, steady source of food for years to come.

VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet

VHH Sunny Pro XL system installed in the Alutiiq office space.

Project Details

Having already successfully used grant funding from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) to establish traditional farms, the Kodiak villages of Port Lions, Ouzinkie, Old Harbor and Larsen Bay used a second round of ANA funding to extend their growing season year-round using the new VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL system.

The grant funding also included VH Hydroponic systems for the Native Villages of Afognak and the Tangirnaq. Although each location has received a similar Sunny Pro XL system, VH Hydroponics co-designed and coordinated with each village to meet their specific installation requirements. The Sunny Pro XL is a modular system which can add more units as each location becomes more experienced and/or wants to increase the variety of their crops or their yields. (Learn more about the Sunny Pro XL.)

The six farms in the Suupet Neregkwarluki project include:

  • Alutiiq Grown located in Kodiak Archipelago
  • Spruce Island Farms located in Ouzinkie
  • Port Lyon Farm located in Port Lions
  • Sitkalidak Sunrise Farm located in Old Harbor
  • Maluk Farms located in Kodiak
  • Marlene’s Garden located in Larsen Bay
VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet

Fresh greens ready to harvest inside the Sunny Pro XL system.

Looking Ahead

With the initial year of the VH Hydroponics systems well underway, the Native Village of Afognak will add a VH Hydroponic CGS IV Container Farm in the first half of 2022. The CGS IV—is a self-contained growing system built inside of a 40’ shipping container—will be located at the Native Village of Afognak’s office building near downtown Kodiak. Additionally, all six sites will receive their second Sunny Pro XL growing units in 2022.

VH Hydroponics (VHH) is a committed long-term partner with the Suupet Neregkwarluki project. Along with initial delivery of the cabinets, setup, and training, VHH will continue to be available for technical assistance and support as the growers in Port Lions, Ouzinkie, Old Harbor, Larsen Bay, and the Native Villages of Afognak and the Tangirnaq sprout into experienced, successful hydroponic farmers.

VH Hydroponics Sunny Pro XL Cabinet

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