Sunny Pro XL - A Unique Vertical Farming System

The Sunny Pro XL hydroponic garden comes with all the equipment you need to grow delicious herbs and greens without breaking a sweat. It features ultra-efficient LED grow lights and an intuitive design that simplifies the growing process.. Our cabinet system fits in a variety of indoor settings giving you access to fresh produce anytime time of year. Its detachable, roll-out row rack ensures harvesting, cleaning, maintenance, and replanting orders of magnitude easier. The furniture grade finish allows customers to grow, and display produce in a public location while still being able to harvest as part of a food-certified kitchen.

Vertical Harvest Hydroponics


Robust, fully contained furniture grade unit

Programmable timer for lights, fans, and pumps

Casters for easy movement

Easy cleaning

Low maintenance and energy efficient

Acrylic for safety and durability

Able to harvest and use in a food certified-kitchen

Build for display

Uses the same amount of power as a standard refrigerator



115 Plant Spaces

Cost / day

$ 1 per day (includes power, power, water, seed, and fertilizer) *

Monthly Labor (10 hrs)

$22.50 X 10 = $225

Total Monthly Cost to Operate

$30 + $225 = $250


25-35 pieces per week, 140 pieces per month

Product Unit Price


Sunny Pro XL System Cost

$14,995 + Shipping and Installation

5 years Service Agreement

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Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

Grow More

Our custom top caps give you the opportunity to increase productivity and optimize your plant spacing. This ensures your plants utilize light and space at maximum efficiency.

Each top cap is custom-cut out of food-grade HDPE. The HDPE blocks light and prevents algae growth in your growing trays.

Tell us what you want to grow and we will configure the most efficient way to set up your cabinet.

Who Would Benefit From A Sunny Pro XL


Community Groups

Assisted Living


Frequently Asked Questions

The Sunny Pro XL produces ~25-35 pieces of market-ready produce per week and has a total of 115 plant spots.

The dimensions are 84-1/4″H x 74-1/4″L x 33″W fully assembled. When disassembled for shipping, the Sunny Pro XL easily fits through any doorway.

The Cabinet is great for anyone with a passion for local food and who wants to start growing for their organization or community. However, becoming a hydroponic farmer is still hard work, and it’s important to understand that these systems require regular maintenance and attention. Please contact VH Hydroponics to see if our hydroponic gardens are right for you.

Shipping prices greatly depend on where you are located. A flat-packed Sunny Pro XL will roughly cost about 40-50% less than a fully assembled unit to ship.

The cabinet can be placed in any indoor setting that has nearby water and electricity access. When disassembled the Sunny Pro XL can fit through any standard-sized doorway.

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